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Founded on 8th of March 2015, Future’s Finest started as a promotion channel on YouTube, where the newest and finest music of the upcoming EDM genres are uploaded. Future House, Tropical House, Melodic House and Bass House are genres we think that are the future of the Electronic Dance Music scene.  As electronic music enthousiasts we love these new EDM genres, especially Future House. This genre is our main focus on the promotion network, but the other genres (Tropical, Melodic and Bass House) are there to spice things up and make you relax if had enough of listening to those Future House bangers.

The idea of Future’s Finest is that we give audience to every producer, known or unknown, to share their music if we think they are “Future’s Finest”. The artists we feature are often creative and highly talented, basically producers in who we see a lot of potential. Producers don’t have to have a big following to be featured on Future’s Finest. Also we give our listeners an opportunity to submit their favorite tracks to our network. Surely we don’t want to be the only ones to decide which producer/artist is “Future’s Finest”.

As of now, our promotion network is expanding and we are expanding with it. Future’s Finest is now a music blog, as you can obviously see if you’re reading this, and we’re slowly transforming into providing promotional services for clients as well. We’re basically doing the online marketing for artists at some point, but we will not forget where we’ve started this little project: sharing our favourite music to fans on YouTube.

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